Reunion Committee Organization  -  Class of 1967

Class Chair: Jeff Fox  - (Staff - Jessy Jones)

Gift Chair: Alex Levi & Jim Oliver - (Staff - Linda Minoff)
  • Class Agent: Jim Oliver - (Staff - Linda Minoff)
  • Elms Society Ambassador - Planned Giving: Charles Kurz - (Staff - Linda Minoff)
Communications Chair:  Strother Scott  (Staff - Pam Jarrett)
  • Website: Strother Scott - (Staff - Pam Jarrett)
  • Anniversary Book: Rob Boas - (Staff - Pam Jarrett)
Program Chair:  Jim O'Connor & Tom Safran
  • Widows and Spouses:  Bernie Maguire 
  • Memorial Service: Jim Purdy, Gil Campbell, Bernie Maquire , Ned Prevost
  • Passionate Pursuits:  David Gordon
Attendance Chair: Don Bishop

Full Committee:
Robert A Boas, Bob Brickley, Gil Campbell, Culley Carson, Jeff Fox, David H. Gordon, Ted Hutton, Charles Kurz, Alex Levi, Don Livingston, Bernie Maguire, Jim O'Connor, Jim Oliver, Ned Prevost, Jim Purdy, Tom Safran, Strother Scott, Alan Weinstein

Trinity Contacts:

For programming, attendance, planning and communications:

Jessy Jones

Associate Director, Alumni Relations

(860) 297-2389

For website questions and Reunion Anniversary Book:

Pam Jarrett

Gift Planning & 50th Reunion

(860) 297-2006

For Gifts:

Linda Minoff

Director of Gift Planning

(860) 297-5353

Caitlin Gasiorski
Associate Director, Gift Planning & the 50th Reunion

(860) 297-2406