Class Notes 2012

posted by Jim O'Connor

Well our 45th Reunion has come and gone and if you missed it start planning to come to our fiftieth in June 2017.  Our new class officers are President Jeff Fox, Vice President Ted Ruckert and I as Class Secretary.

Jeff’s task for the next five years is to plan the 50th Reunion of the Greatest Class Ever.  He’s the perfect man for the job.  Jeff was also recognized at this reunion for his stellar work as Class Secretary.  I have big shoes to fill.

Strother Scott and Rob Boas will be our Web Masters.  Strother has already put up a Class of ’67 website.  He urges all class members to join ASAP.  It’s

Charlie Kurz will continue as our class representative for the Elms Society.  If you’re considering leaving the college stocks, bonds, valuable paintings, your freshman beanie or, best of all, cash, Charlie is the man to talk to.

Jim Oliver led our class meeting in Ted Ruckert’s absence and did a stellar job. He only griped about Ted’s absence two or three times.  You can guess who nominated Ted for the post of Class Vice President.  Jim also has a fascinating story about ejecting from a jet airplane and then nearly parachuting into the burning wreckage.  The man has ice water in his veins.

Len Goldstein says he is thinking about scaling back on his psychiatry practice and has already cut down to 45 hours a week.  Many of his patients are veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress.  Len starts office hours at 6 a.m. because so many of them have insomnia.

Other doctors at the reunion were Alan Weinstein, Alex Levi and Bill Franklin.  Bill has been a cardiologist for 40 years.  He believes that arteriosclerosis is the cause of Alzheimer’s, diabetes, strokes, heart attacks.  Just about everything.  Bill says that we should all take 15 Second test called a Coronary Calcium Scoring Test.  He says that problems with arteries can be reversed with modern statins.  Call Bill at 703-536-6627 for more information.

Don Livingston divides his time between New York and Guatamala.  Don’s wife Eulidia is in Med School there.  Don and Eulidia brought their two year old son, Noah, along.  As far as I know he is the youngest offspring of the Celebrated Class of ’67.  Don has started a charity called Computers for Hope to bring used computers to students in Guatamala.  For more information see Don’s website  or email him at

Charlie Perrin was part of a panel discussion Saturday afternoon called “Making A Difference: Trinity Graduates Shaping the World.  Charlie is Board Chair of Save The Children International.  It’s a great organization doing important work.  See for more information.

Dr. Robin Tassinari (another ’67 M.D.) missed the reunion because of a family wedding.  Robin recently retired from second job so he had some time to write.  “Sorry I've been a bit out of the loop for some years. Been busy and have had scheduling problems with reunions.  Did go to my son Sam’s ’96 fifteenth reunion.”

Peter Heller has moved from Washington, DC to the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  He retired from the IMF but keeping very busy consulting and redoing the kitchen and bathrooms in the new place.

Luke Terry, our trustee on the board, was hobbling a little bit due to recent surgery on his ankle.  Luke arranged for Trinity’s Squash Coach, Paul Assaiante, to speak at our class dinner.

Don Bishop and Charlie Jacobini both had careers with the State Department.

Surprisingly they seem to have visited every hotspot on the globe during the years since graduation.  Jeff Fox has always been of the opinion that both Don and Charlie were in the C.I.A.  Not true, they said, they are retired and are now “consultants” for the State Department.  Sure.

As Class Secretary I need your help.  Keep me up to date on what’s happening in your life.  Write about new grandchildren, weddings (yours or your children’s), things that keep you busy now that you have retired, trips taken, anything at all.  Otherwise I’ll have to make stuff up.

posted by Jim O'Connor

The Great Class of ‘67 continues its overall lead in the standings, and in the inexorable march to destiny.  Congratulations to all.

The world’s leading economist, according to our strict standards, Peter Heller, is still on the move.  He has moved from Washington DC to a bachelor pad on the upper West Side of Manhattan.  Peter completed a three-month Visiting Scholar position at a university in Tokyo.  Other teaching and lecturing gigs include Singapore, Vienna, and Maastricht, Netherlands.  Peter’s kids, Katie and Nate, are following in Dad’s footsteps.  Katie is working at the World Bank, and Nate is a social entrepreneur in Ghana.  If you wish to discuss the weak or strong dollar, visit Peter at his home in the Berkshires, or contact him at phellerdc@gmail.

Bob Miller is still working hard at Great Core Advisors, a commercial real estate investment advisory firm he founded in Boston.  Bob has two granddaughters and one grandson, all definite future Bantams.  If you need to do a sale/leaseback of some of your vast holdings call bob at 617-699-7464, or email him at

The pickleball circuit is heating up and Ted Seibert is the odd-ons favorite.  As everyone knows, pickleball is a terrific game played with a paddle and a whiffle ball.  Ted schedules his pickleball matches among his extended tennis, volunteering, and travel activities.  After 38 years at US Trust, people are taking advantage of Ted’s financial acumen and his post-retirement availability.  He is helping St Stephen’s Episcopal Church as member of the Finance Committee.  Ted and Lori, with Grant and Karen Simpson (‘67), took a river cruise through Germany, terminating with four days visiting Prague, one of the world’s most stunningly beautiful cities.  Ted’s son Chris has two gorgeous daughters, Mia and Keira.  Lori’s daughter Alyson, works in Wurtzburg, Germany.  To learn more the hundreds of beer brands sold in Germany, contact Ted at

Ted Ruckert has delivered over 4500 babies, and his three-office practice in Rochester, NY, has delivered countless more.  Ted is hoping his son Tad, who recently finished med school, and who will be a fifth generation Ruckert doctor, will join the practice.  Ted wants to spend time with daughter Christiana’s forthcoming baby. Ted and Sherrie personally made 180 bottles of wine to celebrate Christiana’s marriage.  Ted claims the wine is high quality.  Okay, and maybe Monsieur Lafite Rothchilde should deliver babies.  If you would like a personal wine tasting please call Ted at 585 381 8815.

Phil and Joan Gulley were slinking around Vero Beach, Florida, playing golf with friends, and casually casing the area as a possible home site.  They bumped into Ted and Georgie Hutton, who they have not seen since graduation, and one week later became neighbors with the Huttons, buying a house on Orchid Island.  Phil’s detectives report that Ted is playing golf with the same aptitude he did as a soccer and squash guy in college.  Undaunted, Phil is throwing down the gauntlet to Ted, and to any other classmate, to a $2-3 high stake golf match.  If you need an extra two-bucks, and who doesn’t, contact Phil at

Ted Hutton confirms that the Gulleys are moving nearby.  There goes the neighborhood.  Ted and Georgie are doing well, commuting between Santa Fe and Florida.  In addition to taking Phil’s golf money, Ted is offering a golf invitation to any Trin classmate who is in the area.  To reach Ted, call him at 772 581 2444.

We have a new Bob Tuttle.  Bob has worked hard to lose 75 pounds, making a huge positive difference in his health, fitness, and waistline.  Other big accomplishments are grandchildren Ben and Kayli.  If you want to get the inside on beaches in Anguilla and St. Martin, or clues on losing that next ounce, contact Bob at

Barbara Bose, Bob’s wife of 45 years passed away.  Barb was a Crowette, one those special girls, who dated a Crow Brother at Trinity, ultimately marrying the lucky boy.  We are checking to see if Tom McConnell ever sent roses to Barb when she got pinned. Bob and Barb were regular attendees at Trin reunions and supporters of the school.  As you know, Your Secretary has used the power of this column to award Class of ‘67 status to those deemed worthy.  Thus, Barbara Bose is now a member of the Great Class of ‘67.  Feel free to contact Bob at, or 252 404 4256.

Abbey Barclay is spending his retirement becoming a wine snob.  At least someone has the right idea on retirement.  His wife, Beth, also an emerging sommelier, is a big-time recognized fused glass artist.  (As Yogi Berra counsels, you will have to look it up.)  Daughter Erin, Trin ‘07 is at the Univ of Richmond Law School.  Abbey has been helping Trinity raise money for the new choir lights in the ever astonishing Trinity Chapel.  Contact Abbey at

Warren Wiegand was re-elected to to a four year term of the Town Council of Gardiner, NY. He's keeping the Hudson Valley safe for democracy and resident Trinity Alums.

It is with heavy heart to belatedly report that our wonderful friend Roger Derderian died.  Roger was a great friend to each of us, and to Trinity.  He was an accomplished musician who played the oud and the kanoun (ka-noon), two ancient Middle Eastern instruments. Roger was nationally known in the Armenian community for his playing of Armenian and Turkish music.  Roger was a successful stockbroker with Shearson Lehman Brothers and Smith Barney for over 30 years.  You may wish to make a donation to the Krikor and Rebecca Derderian Book Fund at Trinity.

Keep the gossip coming.  Get that colonostomy and prostate test.  Smell the basil.
posted by Jim O'Connor

Note:  45th reunion is in a few months.  Be there.  Bring a friend.  Call the college to get the contact info for lost roommates, fraternity brothers, teammates, and friends.  Then get in touch.  Everyone is interested in reconnecting.

Strother Scott went back to Viet Nam.  40+ years ago he was a military adviser in Cho Gao, Tien Giang Province.  Strother thought he might be able to find some of the folks he had met and worked with in 1970.  Cho Gao is now ten times larger than it was when Strother was in field, and most of the population was not alive during the American war.  Nevertheless, Scott brought old photos and showed them on a computer.  Someone recognized Strother’s erstwhile radioman, nicknamed “Smiley.”  The locals went out to the rice paddy and retrieved Smiley.  Strother was the first American Smiley has seen since the end of the war.  The wartime friends had a wonderful reunion, that included Strother’s wife Evie, and which was a highlight of all their lives.  Strother’s photos are great.  To see them get in touch with Strother at 804 780 3271, or at

If you are interested in an architectural tour of Copley Square in Boston, and who isn’t, Stewart Barns is your go-to guy.  Stewart retired as the Episcopal Chaplain at Harvard after 25 years of doing God’s work along the River Charles.   Stewart stays connected to Harvard and gives the architectural tour every fall to incoming students.  Take the tour.  You may even find out who Copley was.  Contact Stewart at 617 354 1464, or at

What does a multi-decorated US Naval jet fighter, after twenty-eight years in the cockpit, do when he retires?  He sells aircraft without pilots to the military.  Flying super-sonic jets is a physically pounding job.  So Rick Ludwig became a certified fitness nut.  High performance physical exercise has helped countervail depression, and to recover quickly from surgery.  Rick has had surgery on both hips, both knees, two neck fusions (G-force), and back surgery!  Rick upgraded his motorcycle hobby to racing.  During his last race, his bike and the track departed ways, and Rick retired.  Rick is well, on the road working, and riding mountain bikes.  Call Rick in San Diego  at 858 204 2160, or email him at

Our class Money Collector, Rob Boas, has renovated a house in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, and has retired once again.  Rob’s new post-retirement life includes taking Spanish lessons three days a week, volunteering at Literacy Action, teaching adults how to read, and volunteering at Catholic Charities to help with their immigration law practice.  In addition, he is a new grandfather of baby boy Julian.  To fill in their downtime, the Boas’s are spending several months traveling, sightseeing and hiking to and through New England, Colorado, Croatia, Montenegro, Paris and London.  Contact Rob at and make a pledge to Trin.

Sadly, David Craver died suddenly of a heart attack while cycling near his home in the south of France.  David spent his entire post-Trinity career in Europe working exclusively in journalism and publishing.   His first assignment in Libya for the Petroleum Intelligence Weekly led to Reed International Publishing where he became publisher and board member.  David was handpicked to help Ziff Davis launch their European publishing house.  While at Ziff, David introduced Yahoo into the UK.  He retired in 2001. David worked tirelessly to help disadvantaged young people.  He raised hundreds of thousands of euros for the National Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Children.  Up until death, David continued to play squash at a championship level. David leaves his wife, Vicky, four children, including Natasha by his first wife.  (Natasha just delivered his first grandchild).  His son Dominic, a doctor, is working with the poor in South Africa.  His daughter Daisy is a fashion designer with Burberry.  Lily is a medical student.  God bless.

Come to the reunion.  Keep the gossip coming.  Get that colonoscopy and prostrate test.  Smell the basil.