Class Notes 2013

posted by Jim O'Connor

Classmates, where are you?  After being inundated with newsy emails for the last issue of the Trinity Reporter there has been practically no news from anyone.  Sure “no news is good news” but let’s not carried away.

Otherwise I’ll be reduced to reporting that John Loeb has a new cat named Rusty Dent.  Or that Geoff White is working on a memoir that combines his experiences as a Religion major and architect.  It’s called “Stairway to Heaven.”  Catchy but I believe that title has been used before.

Strother Scott, one of our class webmasters, had a recent posting on Facebook about a slight mishap involving a long walk off a short dock, a new IPhone 5, three hammers, prescriptions sunglasses, and six stitches on the sole of one foot.  I challenge anyone to read it and not laugh out loud.

Our dynamic class president, Jeff Fox, is hard at work planning the most spectacular 50th Class Reunion ever.  Although the Sequester has grounded the Navy’s precision flying Blue Angels, the Reunion Committee is considering an all-Alpha Chi Rho flyover with Rick Ludwig and Jim Oliver piloting ultra-lights.  More details to follow.

Trivia Question:  What group had two singles in the Top 10 in Sales for 1967?  No cheating.  Answer next issue.

posted by Jim O'Connor

After much begging and pleading on your secretary’s part, several members of our class have checked in.

Gil Campbell is enjoying his retirement in Hilton Head SC.  He and his wife Mariett have had a busy year with the marriage of their eldest daughter Emily.  Gil plays organ every week at their church and gives two or three concerts a year.  He and Mariett play a lot of tennis.  Mariett is a certified USTA Line judge. 

Speaking of tennis Steve Griggs wrote to say that he and his wife Trish have moved back to Guilford, CT.  Steve was the tennis coach at Yale for twenty-two years before relocating to New Jersey for fifteen years.  They play Platform Tennis and Steve has won two age group national titles.  He’s “still passionately involved in international soccer and making plans to travel to my 6th World Cup in Brazil in 2014.”

Bob Tuttle has not retired yet but he and his wife Elizabeth spend the winter in Naples, FL. as “snowbirds.” Bob telecommutes two days a week but turns the video off so his colleagues won’t see he’s wearing a bathing suit.  

Jesse Brewer has been very busy.  He has won several awards for his work developing and promoting “muSR” which everyone knows stands for Muon spin spectroscopy. It’s an experimental technique based on the implantation of spin-polarized muons in matter. Jesse says to go to for a definition.  He still loves running and set the Canadian record in M64-69 100m hurdles and a new BC record in the M65-69 300 meter hurdles.  Jesse and wife Pat recently moved to Vancouver Island, BC and say “Come visit.  Especially if you like chopping wood.”  He can be found at 1735 Nanoose Road, Nanoose Bay, BC VBP981or phone 250-821-1077 or

George Wanty is enjoying the joys of being an “old dad” with one child still in high school and one still in college.  He’s busy working on a development project in Mexico. Like me he’s “trying to stay active and hopefully delay the ravages of aging.” 

John Loeb has recently retired from the Public Health Management Corporation in Philadelphia.  He and his wife Anna Belle, “a recovering lawyer,” spend their summers on Caspian Lake in Vermont and have been considering New Orleans for the winter months.   “Our world is filled with the pleasures of kayaking, art, travel, primitive forms of golf and tennis, reading and long standing friendships, many of which were developed at Trinity, including the distinguished Class Secretary, and the Philadelphia "trinity" of David Ward, Dan Haden and Jim Shepard.”   Rumor has it that John and Dan’s weekly tennis matches have become so monumental that they are the chief stumbling block in the Loebs' plan to exchange the pleasures of Philadelphia in February for a steady diet of Gumbo, Po’boys and the Neville Brothers.

If you need help staying young you should call Nick Edwards.  He’s been teaching Transcendental Meditation for 40 years and says it is “a hedge against the ravages of old age.  Nick has also been a caseworker for the Greenwich CT Department of Social Work.  He is the current President of the Greenwich Kiwanis Club.  Guess that TM is really energizing.  You can reach him at 203-912-1603.

Strother Scott, our class webmaster, has now taken on the 50th Reunion websites for both his high school (June 2013) and for our planned 50th reunion in June 2017.  Please visit and join where you are asked to submit your contact information.  Once approved by Rob Boas or Strother, you will be able to see the passworded sections and upload any photos.  We now show 238 names in the database but have emails for only 137 classmates, so we need contact information for another 100.  Strother writes, “For my high school reunion, three of the 50 classmates have submitted answers to 8 questions re their last 50 years.  About half of the class has submitted answers to the 8 questions.  It has been a lot of fun re-acquainting with the others.  The website creates a wonderful way for the class to communicate -- with occasional updates to all for whom we have emails.  Our Trinity Reunion Committee will be deciding what we want to do along those lines in the future.”

Please keep those emails coming.  All the best.

posted by Jim O'Connor

Rob Boas wrote to say that “we continue to make progress on the construction of our summer home on a lake on Cape Cod, and expect to be able to move in next summer. A possible future location for a Trinity alumni gathering one summer?”  Sounds good to me.  Rob also reminded me that while Jim Oliver is our new Class Agent, Alex Levi will be soliciting all of us for the “50th Reunion Gift.”  So you can send your pledges to one or both of them.

Dan Haden and his wife Susan visited us in Madison, Ct. in October.  They are great house guests.  Susan, who is a dedicated gardener, explained the mysteries of composting and mulching to us while Dan gave me a much needed seminar on home repairs.  If you would like to invite them to visit your home, call Dan at (215) 247-6416.

My wife, Jane, and I visited Vietnam and Cambodia in late October.  Both countries are very beautiful and very welcoming to Americans.  Go there if you have a chance.  In the small world department a member of our tour group was a high school girl friend of my TX fraternity brother Jim Shepard ’66.  

As I said last time, please send me any news, no matter how trivial, so that I don’t have to make stuff up.  I’m not kidding.