Class Notes 2015

posted by Jim O'Connor

To paraphrase Spencer Tracy there’s not much class news “but what’s there is choice.”

In June Dr. Culley Carson was honored for his research and work by the Massachusetts Medical Society where he received their Men’s Health Award.  Then in July Culley received an Honorary Fellowship in the Royal College of Surgeons. 

Culley is a Professor and Chief of Urology at the University of North Carolina Hospital and a huge Tarheel basketball fan. 

We have heard from Harry Wood’s wife, Linda that he is battling cancer of the bile ducts and undergoing a strenuous chemo regimen.  Harry would love to hear from classmates.  He is at his best in the morning, if anyone wants to call him - (215) 679-6321 is the land line. Harry's email is

From Gil Campbell: Because you are looking for class news, I can give you some. It's not very exciting, but here goes: Marriett and I just turned 70 which most classmates have already done or soon will. We are celebrating by knocking something off our bucket list - getting certified as scuba divers. We are planning diving trips to the Florida Keys and St. Lucia in the next 12 months. If we survive we will be at 50th reunion. 

On another note, we just had our 8th grandchild, and number 9 is on the way. We are trying to multiply and replenish the world!

          Gil Campbell and I have been named Co-Chairmen of the Programs Committee for our 50th Reunion.  We would appreciate your suggestions for special programs for our class and our spouses at our Reunion.  Jeff Fox wants Dr. Carson to talk about his area of expertise — Erectile Dysfunction.  Interesting.

Tell us what special program you think would enhance our 50th Reunion.  Or you can volunteer to give a lecture, lead a discussion, talk about a hobby, show slides of your grandchildren or suggest a special excursion to a Hartford area landmark.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Gil or myself.    You can reach me at 646-321-4552 or by email at  Gil’s at 843-681-6751 or email him at  

posted by Jim O'Connor

Not much news from our class.  Come on guys — drop a line.

George “Jiggs” Wanty reports that his youngest child is now a freshman in college so the end of the tuition tunnel is in sight.  George is still in his hometown of Grand Rapids, MI where he develops real estate and writes tuition checks.

Just after the New Year we learned that our classmate, Hod Caulkins, had died of cancer.  This was followed by the news that David Bremer, who started with the class of 1966 but finished with our class after a terrible water skiing accident, also died of cancer.  Dave had lived in Hawaii for many years.

Your secretary had the pleasure of meeting our new College President, Joanne Berger-Sweeney at an  Alumni Event in New York City.  She is a dynamo and will bring much needed energy to the college.

posted by Jim O'Connor

Thank you to everyone who answered my plea for updates on their lives.  There’s a lot going on out there!

Bob Brickley writes “Twenty AD brothers just celebrated our 13th annual Fahey Cup. This year we were hosted by Bill Schweitzer ‘66 at the Chevy Chase Club in MD. Attendees from '67 were Bob Miller, Cal Wick, Tom Sanders, Bill Fox, Luke Terry, Steve Griggs, Peter Strohmeier, Bob Moore and yours truly.’

John Ray plays senior softball in a 26-team Northern Virginia league.  They play about 90 games a year.  When John is resting between games he acts as Recording Secretary for the league.  And in their spare time he and his wife babysit for their granddaughter Stella.

If you live in northern Virginia and want to play softball contact John at

Bill Franklin is still practicing cardiology full time in Arlington, VA.  Bill caught up with some Delta Phi brothers at a reunion party hosted by Michael Michigami ’69.  Bill and Jeanne now have 8 grandchildren.  If you’re going to be in the Washington, D.C area give Bill a call at 703-536-6627 or at his office 703-527-1400.  He’ll guide you to D.C.’s tourist attractions.

Charlie Sanders is living Hilton Head and playing some golf.  “I see Gill Campbell at World Affairs Council every other Friday.  Spending summers in Park City, UT standing in a river with a fly rod, freezing our rears off and wondering why they call it fishing.”  Charlie sees Ric Catoni from time to time “laughing and comparing notes as new grandparents.”

Robin Tassinari is a full time professor of medicine and psychiatry at Albany Medical College and likes it very much.  “I hear regularly from Steve Nuernberger who’s retired and now a dedicated fisherman in Montana.  Very much miss hearing from the late Roger Derderian.”

Judge Ray Reynolds Graves has retired from his position as a U.S. Bankruptcy Judge.  Detroit’s Chapter 9 municipal bankruptcy he’s on “standby” for on camera commentary for WCIV-TV.  “I believe I’ve been on television over twenty times since the case was filed in 2013.  It’s an exciting challenge to take complicate legal issues and explain them in understandable English.  I remember the demanding standards of scholarship at Trinity, especially Economics Professor Ward Curran, in presenting the information to the viewing public.”  Ray can be reached at

Our dynamic Class President Jeff Fox gave a great interview with CIO Magazine.  His topic was “Ten Leadership Lessons”.  You can read the interview at

Dan Haden and his wife, Susan, and Dave Ward and his wife, Debby, hosted a going away party for John Loeb and his wife, Anna Belle, at Dan’s house in September.  It was a great night and by the time you read this the Loebs will have moved to New Orleans where they will spend the winter months before moving to northern Vermont for the summer.  Jim Shepard ’66 was also at the party.  

On a more personal note, your secretary was honored as Volunteer of the Year at the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of New York.  CHONY is part of New York Presbyterian Hospital.

During the summer’s super-moons, Bob Tuttle and wife Elizabeth loved their swimming pool, finally heated after 26 years!  They escape Connecticut in the winter and flock with other Bantams in Naples, FL, at the monthly Southwest Florida Club luncheon.  His wife, Elizabeth (Smith College) links with a Bantam-friendly, Seven-Sisters group for gallery receptions and poetry readings.  A week’s visit to Amsterdam showed Bob six amazing museums in as many days and an equally amazing 21-course Indonesian Ristafel dinner.   Despite retirement, Bob's busy with courses in Political Theory of War, Philosophy of Bio-Ethics, and Dante plus bridge club, gym, and writing biotechnology software on contract. 

Please continue sending me emails with updates on your lives.  Keep our 50th Reunion in mind.  We get forgetful as we age so I’ll keep reminding you.