Spring 2017
posted by Jim O'Connor

Trin-Men of the exalted Class of 1967.  Depending on the U.S. Mail you may either get this issue of the Reporter as you are packing your bags for Reunion. Or you will have already been to our 50th Reunion.  

What is a class secretary to do? Wing it.

Brad Moses retired from the ad game and lives on Amelia Island.  Dan Haden retired from the architecture game and took time from his busy schedule to design our class pin.  It’s very cool and you will get yours at Reunion. (Or you have already gotten it and are so impressed you’ve decided not to sell it on Ebay.)

I’m not sure if Strother Scott is retired or not. But he has done an incredible job as webmaster between attending UVA basketball games, driving all sorts of farm machinery, sailing hither and yon (I always wanted to use that expression in the class notes) and bee keeping. A true renaissance man.

Jeff Fox will probably never retire because he’s having too much fun consulting.  He’s also been an incredible class president and I’m sure he’ll agree to another term or two.

Right now we are expecting more than a hundred of our class to put in an appearance during the reunion.   But there is always room for more, so if you get this before June 8 - 11, come on up to Hartford.  

And by the way, how about some emails to let your class secretary know what you are up to.

Otherwise, as I’ve said before, I’ll have to make stuff up.

From the Alumni Office: Charley Kurz writes that the Kurz family took a two-week cruise in Myanmar, the former Burma, along the Irrawaddy River over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. “Several months prior to departing from the USA, the Trinity Advancement Office gave me the names of several students from Myanmar, and so began the initial connection with Mon Mon Myo Thant ’13. Once we arrived in Myanmar, my wife, son, daughter Katie ’99, and I had the opportunity to meet Mon Mon, who now lives and works in Yangon, the former Rangoon. Mon Mon was kind enough to show us many of the scenic sights in Yangon, including one of many Buddhist temples and the main market in Yangon; we also enjoyed a tasty lunch at a traditional Burmese restaurant. I recommend that any Trinity families visiting Yangon contact Mon Mon in advance for Myanmar travel advice or suggestions of places to see in Yangon.”