Winter 2018
posted by Jim O'Connor

After sending out what David Downes calls my “begging letter” I did hear from some of you. There was one alarming theme in almost everyone’s notes:  Pneumonia, walking or regular. Alan Weinstein and his wife traveled to Scandinavia during the summer and as soon as they returned, Alan was diagnosed with walking pneumonia. The dry desert heat of Las Vegas has baked it out of him and when I spoke to him recently he sounded very healthy.

Jesse Brewer wrote. I must be getting old... this year seemed 'way too busy! In May, I visited a dying high school classmate in California and ran my first official Decathlon ever.  (That 1500 at the end is brutal!)  In June, I came back to Trinity for our 50th reunion, where I saw my first wife again for the first time in decades, then flew off to Sapporo for a muSR conference. When I got back from Japan, I sat Owl shifts on an experiment at TRIUMF for the first half of July.  (I really am too old for that stuff!)  No sooner had I recovered from that than I flew off to Zurich for another experiment at PSI!  When I got back from Switzerland I came down with a brutal case of "walking pneumonia" (so they called it) that knocked me for a loop; I lost 12 lb. in five days and was feeble as a kitten for weeks afterward.  I barely rallied enough for my second and last competition of the season at the BC 55+ Games, where I managed to defend my title in the short hurdles but did poorly in everything else.

Then Gil Campbell checked in. “I was in the hospital for 11 days in October with pneumonia. The doctors said I could have died. But I didn’t believe them, so here I am today, fully healed and energetic.

Our triplet grandsons turned ten. Their mother thinks they are candidates for Mensa, but I am not sure. But they can beat Grandpa at chess.  Recently, I stepped on a sharp, stiff piece of beach glass on our beach. It went in about an inch and my foot became infected with some strange bacteria that traveled across the Atlantic to the Hilton Head beach. That necessitated five days of antibiotic drip in the hospital. I sure hate hospitals. In October, we are traveling to Paraguay and Argentina to visit a friend of our daughter, Emily. (an exchange student living with Emily during the past school year.)

In December, we are going scuba diving in Grand Cayman. It was one of the few islands spared by Hurricane Irma and Jose.  Next summer we are going on a cruise up the east coast of England and Scotland and over to Norway and up to the Arctic Circle.”

Robin Tassinari dropped a quick note that “daughter #5” had a baby during the summer. Robin is now the grandfather of twelve -- 10 girls and two boys.

David Downes did, in fact, answer my “begging letter.” “Since Reunion I have visited some of our TX brothers who could not attend. In mid-September, I took the ferry to Martha's Vineyard and had a delightful lunch with Br. Geoff White and his lovely wife Eleanor Hubbard at their home.  I also had a tour of the studio of the Institute Voleu (of which Eleanor is Director) which had suffered, but had recovered from, a massive flood. Geoff is making progress on his book whose working title is "Clients from Hell."  

Later in September, I had the chance to visit Br. John Oneal and his lovely wife Deborah (whom John fondly refers to as Mrs. Oneal) for several days at their comfy home in Ventura, CA. They proved to be very gracious hosts and amazingly well informed and delightful tour guides.  Willa and I are enjoying our retirement in Fairfax, VA, especially the time to spend with our grandchildren in Newton, MA, as well as with friends near and far.”

As for me, ever the contrarian, I avoided the temptation to get pneumonia. Just doesn’t sound that much fun.  Jane and I are celebrating her “big” birthday by taking our sons and daughter-in-law to Australia for Christmas and New Year’s.

Some class business: We are in need of a Webmaster for the Class of 1967 Website. If there is anyone of you that have an interest in designing and maintaining the Class website please contact Charlie Kurz or myself.

The Leadership Team* for the 55th Reunion of the Class of 1967 is asking for nominations for its “Trin-Man Award,” to be presented to a member of our class at the next reunion in June of 2022. Although the tangible evidence of this award will be the “Trin-Man” 1967 Connecticut license plate that was the basis for our 50th Reunion class pin, the award itself is a completely serious one and is intended to recognize and honor one of our classmates for “significant and meaningful service to one or more of the following: Trinity College and/or higher education in general; or the recipient’s local community, state or nation.” The recipient should also have a history of meaningful monetary contributions to Trinity College within (at least) the most recent 10 years.

Nominations for this award may be made by any member of our class (or the widow or child of any deceased class member) and should be directed to Rob Boas at the following email address: The nomination period will remain open until Dec. 31 of the year before the next reunion (i.e. until 12/31/21 for the 55th Reunion of the Class of ’67)

The members of the Leadership Team for the upcoming Class Reunion will review the nominations and will act as a committee to select the recipient of this award. It would be our hope to present this award to a deserving classmate at each subsequent 5-year class reunion, starting with the 55th.