Fall 2017
posted by Jim O'Connor

Classmates of the great Trinity Class of 1967 our Fiftieth Reunion was as all who attended agree, the Greatest Reunion Ever!  Although rain had originally been in the Friday forecast, the weather was perfect.  Blue skies every day.

It was great to see so many ‘67ers on campus. The final headcount was 73.

Among the highlights --

Tom Safran was the recipient of the Eigenbrodt Cup.  Tom’s work developing affordable housing in Southern California is remarkable.

Alex Levi and Jim Oliver, our class agents, presented President Berger-Sweeny with the Class of 1967 gift, a check of $6,044,033.50.

The Doctor’s Panel on ED and other medical issues for our age group was very well attended.  Alan Weinstein served as moderator Culley Carson, Phil Mayer, Bill Franklin, Robin Tassinari, Dave Gordon, and Alex Levi spoke briefly on their areas of expertise.  Culley’s presentation on ED, complete with slides, deserved a standing ovation.

Phil, who is a back surgeon (and has three back surgeries) firmly believes that surgery should be a last resort.  He believes surgery, and opioids for pain, are enormously over prescribed.

Cardiologist Bill Franklin, equally outspoken, says we should all eat fish six days a week for good heart health.  Bill practices what he preaches and eats fish at least ten times a week. He says tuna fish salad sandwiches are just fine.

Friday afternoon members of Theta Xi, led by David Downes and Scott Reynolds ‘63, attended the unveiling of commemorative plaques at 76 and 79 Vernon Street. Both buildings served as TX house at one time.  76 Vernon is now the Campus Safety office.

Another well attended lecture was Dan Haden’s talk about the campus master plan.  Dan’s firm Bohlin Cywinski Jackson created the plan and also designed the beautiful Admissions building.  Dan also spoke briefly about designing Bill Gate’s private home and all the Apple stores worldwide.

By now everyone should have received their “Trin Man” class pin.  It is an accurate reproduction (but much smaller) of a 1967 Connecticut license plate.  Dan Haden also designed the pin.  There will never be a class pin as cool as ours.

I had a chance to catch up with my old high school classmate, Ted Ruckert.  He mentioned that his son, Tad, has recently joined Ted’s OB-GYN practice. Ted’s dad founded the practice so this is the third generation there.

Our new class officers are Charley Kurz, President, Alan Weinstein, Vice-President, and yours truly was reelected as Secretary.  (I offered to give the job back to Jeff Fox but he declined).

I know that there will be much coverage of our reunion in the Reporter.  So it and our Class yearbook will be dual keepsakes for years to come,

And don’t forget to keep those emails coming to oconnor.jim111@gmail.com with all the news fit to print in The Reporter (and some that’s not -- I’ll decide).